Security fog for any type of home or business

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Whether you are a home-owner, a business owner, a security manager or a security advisor we have security fog solutions that fit your demands. In just seconds we can protect your property from being burglarized.

Protect your valuables

Safe customers are happy customers. And we offer solutions for a wide variety of customers. Our Fog Cannon™ fog machines can be found in banks, supermarkets, shops, educational establishments, warehouses, petrol stations, and offices as well as in private homes. No room is too large or too small.

For private home-owners, fog security offers effective protection for those items that may be irreplaceable, be it family jewelry, photos, art, furniture or any other item of sentimental value.

Particularly private homes and exclusive stores and offices choose a hidden installation behind the wall or above the ceiling. An elegant solution that adds an extra element of surprise for the burglar.

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