Service & Support

A well-serviced Fog Cannon™ gives peace of mind

Service & Support

Annual service

Reliability is crucial to the effectiveness of your security system, your feeling of safety and the financial consequences in case of a burglary. Therefore, it is important to make a service and support agreement on the Fog Cannon™ installation with an authorized alarm installer.

PROTECT™ recommends a service check of the Fog Cannon™ installation once a year.




A service check typically consists of:

  • Visual inspection of the fog fluid (the shelf life of an unopened container is 5 years and 2 years from the date of installation). If discolored, the fog fluid should be discarded
  • Examination of the battery’s load ability and age (batteries of 2 years or more should always be replaced)
  • Examination of any fault messages on the Fog Cannon™
  • Visual inspection of the nozzle (is it intact and free of foreign bodies?)
  • Checking the tamper switches
  • Verification of the verifying sensor
  • Full-scale test, where the interaction with all systems is tested (also a possible fire alarm system)

Support here and now

If suddenly a fault arises, or in case the fluid container must be replaced, you should contact an authorized alarm installer (typically where you purchased the Fog Cannon™).

Read the Fog Cannon™ signals

A PROTECT Fog Cannon® provides audible (short beeps) and visual signals (flashing LEDs on the front).

Overview of LEDs *:

  • A Green LED flashes, when power is applied to the Fog Cannon™. The green LED lights up constantly, when the Fog Cannon™ has reached its working temperature and is ready for firing
  • A Yellow LED lights up when the fluid level is low
  • All LEDs turn off when the alarm is connected
  • Red LED:
    o One flash per 10 sec. means failure of mains power **
    o Three blinks per 10 sec. means signal from any fire alarm system for Fog Cannon™ *
    o Four flashes per 10 sec. means low battery voltage **
    o Constant flashing: Serious error requiring intervention from an alarm installer *

* Diodes on Xtratus®: See manual page 24, left column
** Requires service visits – Contact your alarm installer

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