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PROTECT™ security fog stops the burglar within just a few seconds

Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a business owner, like everybody else you want to protect your values against burglary and theft.

Unless you live in a fortress from the knight time, you can not prevent burglars trying to break-in. However, with the PROTECT Fog Cannon®, you can prevent your values from being stolen or broken.


Typically, it takes a burglar about 3 minutes to break into your house, but with a Fog Cannon™ from PROTECT™, the burglar will be welcomed by a thick, white and dry cloud of fog which makes it impossible for the burglar to navigate the premises – and thereby steal or thus stealing or ruin your valuables and interior.

The artificial white security fog remains in the room long enough for the police or a security guard to arrive. The security fog is of course completely harmless to humans, animals, electronics and interior.

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Book a free and non-committally demonstration showing how security fog from PROTECT™ can secure your valuables. Whether you have an alarm installed today or looking for one, the PROTECT Fog Cannon® can most often be installed with this.

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